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Darlene Senger Announces Districtwide Listening Tour


State Representative and Republican Candidate for the 11th Congressional District, Darlene Senger, announced the beginning of her districtwide listening tour today.  The tour will allow Darlene to gain firsthand knowledge of the issues facing residents and municipalities within the district.

Darlene Senger calls for investigation on ACA spending


Darlene Senger is calling for a state and federal investigation to examine the spending and costs associated with promoting the federal healthcare marketplace in Illinois.  

Darlene Senger was on WLS to talk about the ObamaCare Navigator Program

WLS_Senger_540x400.jpgDarlene joined John Kass and Lauren Cohn this morning on WLS to discuss her resolution to audit the Navigator Program. "We need to know where that money is going, and finding out 4 years from now that it was wasted is too late.


Darlene Senger Continued her Jobs and Business Tour this week


Darlene Senger, candidate for the Illinois 11th Congressional District, continued her district wide Jobs and Business Tour today in Joliet. Throughout the day Senger visited numerous businesses to meet with owners, managers and employees to discuss the local business environment and how to...

Chicago Tribune: Darlene Senger Earns Endorsement of NFIB -- Launches Jobs and Business Tour


Darlene Senger, candidate for the Illinois 11th Congressional District, was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today in her bid for Congress. Senger also launched her 10 day Jobs and Business Tour of the 11th Congressional District today.